A tormented slave. A deadly hot incubus. Can Lex save the girl and get the guy without pissing off every demon in power and losing her head?


J. Barnett

Amazon Reviewer

"Descent is a great start of a series. I picked it up today and didn't put it back down until after I had finished it. If you enjoy Urban Fantasy and Detective stories then this book is for you."

Bonnie L. Boucek

Amazon Reviewer

"Descent is AMAZING! I simply cannot express how surprised I was with this gem of a story. Not only was there drama, intrigue, love, forbidden love, family issues, demons, angels, paranormal shenanigans, multiple worlds/dimensions, there was a real story with characters that felt and bled and grew."

Maria Luis

Amazon Reviewer

"The heroine, Lex, is utterly kick-a**, the sort of main character that you can envision on the big screen. Vulnerability tangles with sarcasm galore--for me, Lex is perhaps the biggest highlight of Descent."