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  • How to get visibility without being spammy
  • How to make friends with famous authors
  • Get your first 1000 subscribers quickly
  • Pricing and promotion strategies
  • Double sales without ads or marketing
  • Sell more books, with less time and money

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"The #1 Mistake Most Authors Make."

Derek Murphy

Hey there! After studying a PhD in Literature and flailing as a starving artist, I became a developmental editor and book designer. Now I write novels and teach authors how to self-publish and succeed faster.

My tutorials have nearly 3 million views and my free resources help tens of thousands of authors every month. Now it's your turn!

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Book Marketing is Dead is a handy guide to book marketing and promotion, but it's just the beginning. I recently complied some of my best content together in a simple little cheatsheet I'm calling the Indie Author Survival Guide.

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