Today growing any business is all done online through your website, email marketing & social media, which are all visual platforms. That means even if you have talent & a winning personality, you need to have a professional and attractive online presence to stand out in the crowd. The solution?

The Brand Photography Masterclass!

In This Masterclass You Will Learn:

Brand Identity

Why you need to define what makes your brand unique and how to uncover the unique details of your business.

Creative Direction

The different elements of creative direction when planning a brand photo shoot and how to make your photos one of a kind. 

Photo Shoot Plan

How to plan a brand photo shoot and organize all the details so it goes smoothly.


 The different stories you can tell with brand photography and the variety of shots you will want to capture.

Brand Photography

What brand photography is, how it's different from other genres of photography, and why you need it for your business.

Online Presence

How to use your brand photos to create a professional and cohesive online presence.

This Masterclass Is Perfect For You If:

- You're a business owner that wants to learn how to style and capture your own brand photos

- You're a photographer that wants to branch into offering brand photography as a service

- You aspire to have a beautiful online presence like influencers in your niche 

- You dream of attracting a large & engaged audience on social media

- You want to share your passions with the world through beautiful & captivating photos

- You want to leave your job & start building your own brand

About Your Instructor

Hi lovely, I'm Jess Charuk! I'm the photographer, blogger and creative director at Charuk Studios, the host of The Dream Chasers Podcast, and creator of the course, The Brand Photography Method.  I live in Toronto, Canada and am here to help fellow dreamers bring their creative vision to life.