The How to Style Your Brand Quiz

> Confused about creating your brand?   

> In the depths of design despair?  

> Have a brand already that you just don't love?

This quiz is for you!

Whether you're starting from scratch or auditing the brand you have to see if it still works for you.

Once you know your perfect brand style, I'll show you how to use it to design your whole brand.  From colours to copy, fonts to photos, and a whole lot more.  

I can help you do it all yourself - it's easy when you know how ;)

Create a brilliant stand-out brand that is cohesive and beautiful, that you're proud to share, that will get your business noticed!

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Your brand isn't just your logo, or maybe even just your logo, website and some branding photos.  It's a whole lot more than that.

It's what makes you and your business recognisable and memorable.  

It's what other people say about you and your business - it's your reputation.  

It's the identity of your business. 

It's your promise to your customers/clients, telling them who you are, what you do, what you stand for, what they can expect from working with you or buying from you, and how you are different from your competitors. 

Having a beautifully styled and brilliant brand will make you look professional and credible, creating that trust in you and your business, so you can show up as the expert and attract your ideal clients/customers.  

Everything you do, say and write, should reflect your brand.  Everywhere your customer or client comes across you should be consistent, and communicate your brand.  

So use your brand style to design your whole brand.  You'll be adding the huge value of a strong stand-out brand to your business, one that is recognisable and memorable, and your business will grow.

You don't need to spend thousands for someone else to create a brand for you either, that may not even reflect you and what you stand for.  You can create your brand yourself, with a little bit of expert know-how from me, and by knowing your perfect brand style.  Take the quiz to find out!

So who's teaching you all this?

Hi, I'm Jane!

I'm a branding photographer and brand strategist, helping female entrepreneurs to get visible as the face of their business, with fabulous photos they love, and a beautiful brand that truly reflects them and attracts their ideal customers/clients.

I'm also a landscape photographer, wife, mum of three, maid of Kent (who still lives here in the beautiful Garden of England but who also loves holidaying in Cornwall), a chocolate and wine lover, on and off gardener, big history lover, hater of housework, avid reader when I can find the time, and lots more!  Including Chief Homeschooler for much of this year!!

I still sell my landscape photos as cards, calendars and prints, but I have also loved capturing branding photos for other businesses, along with learning about creating a brand.  So now I enjoy helping my clients to get a little more visible with branding photos, a cohesive brand, and brand photos that go with everything else.

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