A free course to create a good environment for listening, self-awareness and cooperation through body music and communication.

This short course was born from a passion for research and the interest to talk about strategies to open communication and resolve possible conflicts that can take place in the educational setting or during groups facilitation. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to understand some of the body music principles that can help you managing your groups through music and movement.

"Breaking down walls" is a free 5-day course starting on the 9th of November developed via email that will help you to learn body music and communication strategies to face tricky moments that can happen in and around the school or before, during and after your group sessions. 

During the course you will meet:

Tiziana Pozzo, music educator, music therapist, teacher trainer

Flavia Capoano, psychologist, ABA therapist and book therapy expert

Pedro Consorte, circle music, team building and Non-Violent Communication facilitator

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My name is Tiziana and teaching is my passion. LISTENING, MOVEMENT, VOICE are the three elements that characterised my approach to music and music education. I’m here to share with you my experience in early years, music therapy and body music.