What others are saying about this Guide

John Syc, LCSW

Therapist for Men | www.johnsyc.com

"When I started this guide I had a few private pay clients but was 90% insurance based. When it was completed I had the exact plan to go off the insurance panels within 90 days.

I was further assured by my decision when the week after completing the guide I received 2 referrals that became clients...cash pay clients."

Jodi Erin, LPC

Sex Positive Therapist & Relationship/Life Coach | www.jodierin.com

"Mallory’s guide was the jumpstart I needed to figure out if staying on insurance is right for my business.

It was fun, practical, and the homework helped me feel truly aligned in my business decisions."

Mallory Grimste, LCSW

Teen Therapist and YOUR guide through this breakup! | www.mallorygrimste.com

"When I first opened the doors to Mallory Grimste, LCSW in 2014, I thought you had to accept insurance in order to work in private practice. I had no idea there was another way! 

As someone who worked through a lot (and I mean a lot) of head trash in this area, I know it's not an easy decision to break up with insurance."

Join us in the Breaking Up With Insurance Guide for Therapists.

Throughout this process I promise to....

Support you through the mindset blocks, struggles, and shifts that are sure to surface (because let's be real- emotions are bound to pop up when money is involved).

I'll also provide easy, actionable steps and ready-to-go templates along the way so you can start taking action right away!