Are You Worried if Your Baby is Getting Enough From Breastfeeding?


Use This Simple to Use  Log 

Free Breastfeeding Log

Track the important things for that crucial first month.

Created by a Lactation Consultant with over 24 years of experience.

Find out what are reassuring signs that your baby is getting enough to eat from breastfeeding

Get tips on what to do if you need help

Used by thousands of moms

"This log helped me stay organized with Lily's feedings and diapers. It was very reassuring." - Robin K

"When I went into Connor's first appointment with the pediatrician I had all the information she wanted about how he was eating." - Katie S

"I was worried about whether my baby was eating enough. When I showed the lactation consultant the log she showed me how the information on it  was reassuring to her." - Tami P

"In my sleep deprived state, this sure helped!" Nicole C

  • Determine how many times your baby has eaten at a glance.
  • Make several copies and put them in the different places you are breastfeeding.
  • Keep as a memento of your baby's early days.
  • Feeding behavior changes in the early days. This log shows you the differences to expect as the days and weeks go by.
  • This log includes guidelines on what to expect and guidance on what to do if things are not reassuring.