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Budget Travel Bootcamp (90-day email intensive)

Does the idea of exploring the world seem too expensive, unrealistic, or scary?

I used to be terrified to leave my home country but I've overcome all of these barriers to visit 60 countries and counting.

That's why I'm sharing the tools you need to go from dreaming about travel to doing it (and then repeat).

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Hey! I'm Chantell,

a perpetual bargain hunter, veggie lover, and minimalist.

Let me be your spirited guide on the journey to achieving your travel goals on a budget.

You'll learn how to:

  • Make permanent, positive changes to your bank account
  • Start using your hard-earned cash for experiences, not just stuff
  • Utilize free and cheap travel tools to save you money
  • Choose creative ways to travel more without quitting your job
  • Gain the confidence to book that ticket, knowing you’ll make new friends
  • Pick the best methods for booking free and cheap flights
  • Switch to carry-on only to save time, money, and your sanity
  • Feel street smart and fully prepared for that wide, wonderful world.

There’s more to life than working to pay bills. It’s time to stop missing out and start visting the destinations you’ve always dreamed of.

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