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Your monthly Bullet Journal layout is a great place to start planning your time so that you can be the most productive version of yourself.

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What Can You Expect To Get?

  • A Complete List Of Supplies Needed
  • A Step by Step Guide To Creating The Layout
  • Tips & Strategies To Use When Planning On The Layout

Who Created This Guide?

Well hey there! My name is Keri, and I am the creator of this guide and the author of

I went from being completely overwhelmed to fully organized, just by using this monthly layout in my Bullet Journal.

I am going to share with you how I use the layout to plan out my entire month for increased productivity!

This layout has been refined over time to be able to plan the different areas of life to suit your personal circumstances, and can be refined even further to meet your individual needs!

Planning My Month Has Helped Me Be More Productive Than I Ever Thought Possible!

  • I am able to ensure that I have enough time to actually accomplish all the things. 
  • Goal setting has never been so easy, as I can implement the actions right into my monthly plans. 
  • I no longer face challenges of procrastinating until the last possible second. 
  • Having a road map to success each month has allowed me to relax and actually enjoy my time. 

Now, I Want To Show You How To Do It!

In this FREE guide, you will learn how to create this layout in your own journal, how to customize it to suit your individual planning needs and some of my own planning strategies and tips!

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