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A brand is not simply related to your visual identity. A brand is a way of presenting yourself which is totally personal. You HAVE to identify with your brand, "marry" him, make it your own, in order to attract like minded clients that appreciate your vision and WANT to work only with YOU.

Without clarity, your business is just operating not achieving. Download this free guide and be confident in your success!

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Hello! My name is Teresa and I own Tailored Choice Consulting. I provide project management  and business management to business owners.

I help you manage your business and coordinate your team, making everything run smoothly. 

Start Automating Your Workflow

Tool Setup and Management

There's not a single way to build your business. As just stated, YOUR business is YOUR business and the key elemnt that makes your business unique, is...YOU! But there's something you don't have to underestimate when setting up a business, if you want to be able to work wisely, obtain results and avoid burn out: you need to have systems and processes in place. You need to delegate something to a tool, to automate the repetitive tasks in your day, to be free to devote your time to develop your project and your dreams. Interested in understanding how the right tools can help you? Let's chat! Book a call with me! It's free!

Website building and Pinterest Management

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The first step to build your onine credibility, is having a website. Think about it for a moment: when you need a service provider, which is the first thing you do? Searching on the internet, right? That's exactly the reason why YOU HAVE TO BE THERE!

If you already have a website and need to boost your visibility, drive traffic to your website, increase your mailing list, sell your services, ... you need a plan and an effective strategy to get the best out of Pinterest.

I am here to help you. As a Webdesigner and a Pinterest Strategy I help my clients having tangible results. Would you like to know more on how I can help you? Book a call with me!

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