Business Strategy Bootcamp

6 weeks of profitable actions that will set you and your business up for success

Does this sound like you? Are you ready to move your business forward and be profitable?

✔️You are looking for clarity, guidance, and accountability so you can build a strong foundation for a profitable business.

✔️You are tired of trying to do it all yourself and going around in circles with no results.

✔️You are looking to move your business forward but not sure which direction to go.

This 6-week program is just for you!

It takes six weeks to form a habit. This program will help you take profitable actions until it becomes a habit so you can start moving forward with your business and life.

Take Profitable Actions until it becomes a Habit!

Together we'll:

✨ turn your dreams into a plan: identify your values, vision, purpose, and set goals

✨ define your impact: the what, who, and how of your business

✨ bend time to your will: create a schedule and manage your time efficiently

✨ get to know your fans: identify your ideal client and target market

✨ speak like a success: craft your elevator speech 

✨ get the word out there: create a social media plan 

Ingrid helped me get clarity on my offer, target audience, and services so I can better connect with my ideal client. Her questions helped me think about various ways to strategize a plan of action. I can’t wait to finalize my packages and refine my target market which will help me achieve my goals.

~ Hazel June, Online Course Coach

What’s included?

  • A 6-week program
  • Weekly live meetings
  • Weekly action activities
  • Unlimited email support

Special offer for a limited time!

For a $149 investment, you can move your business forward and set yourself for much more!

BONUS: You'll receive a 45 minutes coaching call after the program for implementation, feedback, and support.

Who am I?

I'm a Business Strategist that helps entrepreneurs organize their ideas and plans to successfully launch and grow a business that supports their lifestyle. I have a passion for business and watching entrepreneurs succeed and have a talent for taking complex ideas and creating actionable steps.