In this report, you will...

Learn Benchmarks

A good broker will use benchmarks to uncover business problems shunning buyers and to assess your asking price.

Uncover The Ten (10) Critical Buyer Criteria

The report discusses the ten (10) criteria buyers typically follow when shopping for a business.  

Hear The Story Behind Using Story & Photos

The secrets as to why story telling and good photos sell businesses

Identify Problems

Work with your broker to identify and resolve problems in your business that affect your asking price and shun buyers away. 

Learn Buyer Filters

How to avoid damage to your business, low employee morale and other problems by filtering your buyers first.  This can save you time and problems later on.

Understand Fees & Commission

Have a generally understanding of the typical fees for using a broker agent.  This can vary widely between agency to agency, but ultimately it is about results.

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