Never suffer from
Blank-Page-Itus again!

If you've ever had your mind go blank as soon as you opened a new email or overanalyzed your writing or the way you show up in meetings, this tool kit is for you. 

Understand the importance of audience-focused, benefit-led communication. 

Take advantage of the checklist for writing out any script. 

Save time using the templates for emails and IMs. 

Topics include:

-General comms

-Cold and warm outreach

-General inquiry

-Signature Block


-Referrals or introductions

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Biz Comms Tool Kit

Use these tips and 16 templates to be a more effective, efficient communicator. The first 11 people to purchase get this special price for the first edition.

11.11 USD

Congrats on taking this step to improving your business comms!

Be sure to download the pdf (don't open in Google Docs).