Creating Guilt-Free Time for You!

An online course geared towards busy moms who struggle to make time for themselves without feeling guilty for it.

Just imagine what you could do with more time ... for YOU!

Make time for a spa day ... for you.

Plan your week around your goals.

Imagine your dream day and make it happen.

           All without feeling guilty for                              doing it!!!!

This course was previously a webinar and was sold out.

It is now even bigger and better than before! Including more valuable information to share!

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What you will learn from the course ...

5 strategies that will help guide you on a path to create more guilt-free time for yourself;

How to keep your mind focused on what's important;

How to make new habits and new routines;

How to feel confident in setting goals that revolve around you and your dreams;

How to focus on one step at a time when achieving your physical activity goals; and

How to give yourself permission!

About Me

Hi! My name is Kathleen Rubio and I am the founder of Igniting Your Health, an online health and wellness website designed to help moms feel confident in making a healthy lifestyle change in the everyday busy world in which they live. 

My work includes health promotion initiatives designed as tracking sheets, eBooks, workbooks, and online courses to help one feel inspired to make a healthy lifestyle change and confident to take the first step.

I thrive on helping others and I'm on a mission to help moms live healthier and happier, knowing that it's okay to put themselves on their priority list.


January, 2021