30 Days of Creativity and Inspiring Email



You start out receiving emails with creative and inspiring ideas and tips in them. 

E-books will begin on the fifth day. Every fifth day one will drop into your email box for you to read and enjoy. These are yours to keep. Each e-book is valued at over $5.00.  

Here is an example of what one email might have in it.

Start today by turning your thoughts and actions into making simple things extraordinary. Take time to notice the beauty around you. Make boring jobs into fun jobs through a little imagination. 

Have a bright, creative day!

Katherine E. Soto

Creating New Worlds LLC

These e-books look interesting and are each on a different topic.

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30 Days of Creativity and Inspiring Emails

You begin by receiving daily emails with a creative or inspiring tip in it. Then every five days an e-book will be delivered to your inbox for you to read.

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