What to Expect

Here's what you'll learn

Daily 30 minute LIVE training with access to the recording

Learn 1 acupoint and 1 oil each day that you can incorporate into your day

Qigong movement exercise and guided meditation in each session to allow an embodied experience with the point and oil 

Weekly PDF with the acupoints and oils for the week

Access to a supportive online community to share your experiences with

Affordability at just $33 for the entire month

who is this experience for?

Anyone can join

This 30 day experience is open to anyone who wants to learn about AcuAroma Therapy and begin to use it in their daily life. No experience required. If you are in the healing arts you can learn to incorporate this modality into your practice to help others. AcuAroma Therapy has been used by nurses, moms, clergy, teachers, therapists, bodyworkers and energy workers. It offers deep healing for body, mind and spirit. 


The AcuAroma Experience fosters a caring attitude to help you develop skills through an embodied relationship to the oils and points.


The AcuAroma Experience cultivates a collaboration of members to share this modality with others as a balm for us and the planet.


The AcuAroma Experience encourages a sense of community for individuals to grow and heal on a body, mind, spirit level.