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Hey there! Do you want to travel to Kenya? New to Kenya Travel? Already travelled to Kenya and researching your next trip?

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My name is Sharon and I am on a mission to explore Kenya and the world and share my experience with you. Want to learn more about me?

Is it safe to travel to Kenya?

My main goal is to share my experience travelling around Kenya, Africa and to the rest of the world. Kenya is a safe, beautiful and amazing country with friendly people from diverse cultures. This site is full of informational guides about places I have been to and researched thoroughly to make your travel hustle free.

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There are so many amazing destinations in Kenya. I have shared some helpful guides to help you navigate through Kenya if you are a first time visitor. There are so many bucket list experiences. All you need is a little inspiration

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Here you will find information to help you decide where to go (10 things to do in Lamu), detailed destination guides with the best attractions and places to stay.


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