The smart way to start preparing for birth.

Meet your natural birth preparation starter pack.


This printable is chock full of amazing natural birth tips to help you prepare for labor and delivery. These are our favorites:

Birth Plan Template

Gain access to the simple (quick-enough-for-busy-nurses) birth plan template.

Things to Look Into

100+ women answered what they wish they knew before birth... look into these things now.

Birth Affirmations

Prepare your mind (90% of the battle) for labor and delivery now with birth affirmation cards.

Essential Oils Guide

Get my list of go-to essential oils for labor and delivery... and where I buy them online.

Our Birth Story

Read our positive birth story to gain inspiration and encouragement that you can do this, too!

Save Money

Get an exclusive coupon code for #1 affordable online birthing class. PS you can't get this deal anywhere else.

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#1 Download

Take a look at the features that moms-to-be love most.

Birth prep made easy

Know exactly what things to look into before birth with the 63 Things to Look Into guide.

No-Frills Birth Affirmations

One glance at some birth affirmations and my eyes are rolling. These affirmations will truly encourage you and help you to prepare for the big day.

Meet the Author

Hi, I'm Kenzie.

I empower new moms to find their own unique approach to natural pregnancy, birth and being a crunchy mom. And, to do it one step at a time.