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 I am so happy you are here. 

Thank you for joining the Hope in the Holidays Mystery CAL. My square works up rather quickly using a few Tunisian stitches and the Mitre Square technique.

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80% Acrylic 20% Superwash Wool worsted weight #4 (208 g/ 100 yds)

1 skein Oyster (A)

1 skein Love Letter (B)


US Size J/10 (6.0mm) Tunisian crochet hook with cable

Stitch markers

Yarn needle




8” x 8”


15 sts and 15 rows = 4”

Adjust hook size if necessary to obtain gauge.


Similar #4 weight yarns may be substituted; please check gauge.

Pattern is worked in US Tunisian terms. Loop on hook counts as first st, end every Row by placing hook through both loops, pulling up a loop.


TSS (Tunisian Simple Stitch) = insert

hook from right to left behind single

vertical bar, yo, pull up loop, leave

loop on hook, *insert hook from right

to left behind next single vertical bar,

yo, pull up loop, leave loop on hook;

repeat from * across, leaving all

loops on hook

TKS (Tunisian knit stitch) = *insert

hook through work from front to

back between strands of next vertical

bar, yo, pull up loop, leave loop on

hook; repeat from * across

TSS3tog (Tunisian simple stitch 3

together) = insert hook through next

3 vertical bars, yo, pull through all 3,

leaving loop on hook

TW (Tunisian Twisted Up Stitch) = insert hook behind front vertical bar from left to right, yo, pull up loop, leave loop on hook

ES (End Stitch) = Last stitch of forward pass, insert hook behind two outer vertical bars, yo, pull up loop, leave loop on hook

Return Pass = Ch 1, yo, pull through

1 loop on hook, *yo, pull through 2

loops on hook, repeat from * until 1

loop remains on hook


Row 1: With A, ch 63, starting in 2nd ch from hook, pull up a loop in each ch to end. For 1st RetP, yo, pull through one loop, (yo, pull through 2) 30 times, yo, pull through 3, place marker in this st, yo, pull through 2 until one loop remains on hook.

The vertical bar before and after the marker will be the tss3tog for every row.

Row 2: TW in 29, tss3tog, TKS to last, ES—RetP.

Rows 3-8: TW in each to 1 before marker, tss3tog, TKS to last, ES—RetP.

Row 9: TW in 22, tss3tog, TKS to last, ES—RetP with Color B

Row 10-15: With B, TSS in each to 1 before marker, tss3tog, TSS to last, ES—RetP with A.

Rows 16-30: With A, TW in each to 1 before marker, tss3tog, TKS in each to last, ES—RetP.

Row 31: TSS3TOG, ch 1, fasten off.

Optional finish: Attach B in any st, sl st around edge to corner, ch 1 in each corner, sl st to 1st st.

Tie off and weave ends.

Please tag me @Rows.of.Crochet or use #TunisianStripeSquare so I can see all of your beautiful makes!

A little bit about me -  I have been crocheting daily for about 3 years but learned to crochet when I was 9. I picked the hook back up about 20 years ago, crocheting once in a while. More recently I started crocheting for meditation and serenity! I hope crochet brings you as much as it does me!

Hello! My name is Christine and I am the maker at Rows.of.Crochet! I'm happy you are here.  Crochet is my zen, it brings me peace and calm. I am a pattern designer, tester and yarn lover, a collector of hooks. I love all things crochet.  This page will hopefully be used to send monthly newsletters about patterns I've designed, patterns I am working on and other designers that have inspired me.  

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