Being a mom can be so rewarding but we need special skills to help our teens in today's changing world.  Let's face it - our kids are experiencing adolescence in dramatically different ways than we did.

This free online conference provides strategies, techniques and tips for effectively communicating with our teens and supporting them as they navigate the challenges.

18 expert women therapists, coaches and healers reveal how to love, support and guide your teen, while enabling you to enjoy, rather than endure, the journey.

  • We help you connect more deeply with your teen.
  • We give you strategies to better communicate so you and your teen can talk more effectively and freely.
  • We share techniques that will help you and your teen deal with challenges.

If you’re looking to reconnect, understand and relate with your teenager better, register now for this free conference.  

How Does It Work?

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Our Speakers:

We are a group of moms who are psychologists, social workers and coaches. We want to make your life easier by giving you tools to be by your teen's side so you can support them the best way possible.

The skills you'll learn here will benefit you, your teen and your entire family.

Shellie Grafstein

Shellie is a certified holistic life coach,  specializing in helping moms have a great relationship with their teen.

How To Have A Great Relationship with Your Teen No Matter What Is Going On 

Shellie will be speaking about how to talk and listen to your teen, and  how important it is to allow them to make mistakes.  

Judy Krasna

Judy Krasna, is the Executive Director of  F.E.A.S.T.  and is a  longtime eating disorders parent advocate.

What Every Mother Needs to Know About Eating Disorders

Judy's talk  will answer these questions: What are eating disorders? Who is most at risk? (hint: it’s not just teenage girls) How can you tell if your child has one? And if so, what do you do next?? 

It is guaranteed to reshape the way you think about eating disorders.

Sheryl Puterman

Sheryl Puterman is the Founder & CEO of Nourishment Vitality, Internationally trained and Certified Mind-Body Nutrition & Wellness Practitioner,
Author, & internationally acclaimed speaker.

How To Cultivate a Culture of Wellness at Home While Also Promoting Less Stress and Healthy Boundaries

Sheryl's talk will give you essential tools , techniques and strategies for restoring calm  in your home - for you and your teen.

Jacqueline Rose

Jacqueline is a  hormonal health and menopause specialist and certified Yoga for Women's Health Instructor. 

How To Talk to our Daughters About Connecting to Our Bodies 

Jacqueline 's talk will help us speak to our  daughters about  connecting to our bodies,  to listen to the whispers and messages it sends us and to  be proactive in our health journey.

Devorah Goldblatt

Devorah Goldblatt is a holistic counselor, helping teens and early 20s overcome depression and anxiety with non-medical treatments.

When Talk Therapy and Medication Isn't The Right Fit:  Holistic and Natural Solutions for Teen Anxiety and Depression

Devorah is going to give us some important insights on how to help our teen empower themselves with tools and techniques that they can use on themselves.

Liba Lurie

Liba is a psychologist specializing in  the parent-child relationship.

5 Steps to Stop Reacting and Start Responding to Your Teen

Instead of focusing on behavior,  Liba will walk you through her 5 Step Framework to keep calm in the ups and downs of  your day to day interactions with your kids, and feel confident that you are building nurturing relationships that last.

Rachel Weinstein

Rachel is a licensed clinical social worker and has a Master's in Social Work. 

What To Do When Your Child Doesn't Fit In The Box

Rachel's talk will have you thinking about whose box you're trying to fit your child into and why that's important to you .   She talks about how each child is unique and it's our role in loving and nurturing these differences.  You will have a new perspective on parenting your child after this interview.

Talli Rosenbaum

Talli Yehuda Rosenbaum is an individual and couple therapist and is  a certified sex therapist .  She is also an aclaimed author and podcast host.

Speaking of (premarital) Sex: Empowering Your Teen To Make Informed Choices

Talli's talk will help empower you to speak openly with your children about sex and sexuality. She helps us introduce discussions around sexual pleasure, consent, safety and boundaries without blurring religious values.

Pearl Lopian

Pearl is an  EFT Master Trainer and owner of The Tapping Institute.

How To Help Your Teen With EFT  Through Surrogate Tapping

Pearl will show us the  EFT (tapping) points and will teach us how we can do EFT on behalf of our teens without them being there physically.  They will, however,  get the benefits.  It sound 'woowoo' but it really works. She has had incredible success.

Yonina Rubenstein

Yonina is a certified sexuality educator, coach, group facilitor and author.

Talking to Your Teen About Sexuality

Yonina speaks with us today about the importance of starting the conversations about sexuality early and being emotionally open and available to listen and help guide our teens.

Rebecca Sigala

Rebecca Sigala is an internationally recognized boudoir photographer, self-love activist, and body image coach for women.

How to Help Our Teens Love Their Bodies

Rebecca discusses common mistakes we make with our teens about pride and love of their bodies and our own, and how to correct these mistakes. You will have a whole new appreciation of your body by listening to this!

Miriam Carr

Miriam  is a Jewish educator and wellness coach, helping women achieve optimum holistic health, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, so that they can enjoy their life and focus attention on what they  hold truly valuable.

Practical Self-Love and Care for Today's Mom

Miriam will talk about practical takeaways on self-love, self-esteem, self-compassion and self-care so that moms can feel good internally and externally and show up to life their happiest and healthiest selves.

Risa Grajower

Risa  is a Psychotherapist  in private practice and works for Mifgashim, the outpatient division of  Retorno. She has  multiple trainings and certifications including IFS, group therapy, and clinical supervision. 

Talking to Your Teen About Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Risa will discuss with us when social drinking and substance abuse is a problem and when to get professional help.

Miriam Friedman

Miriam Friedman is a clinical social worker with a private psychotherapy practice. She treats teenagers and adults with a range of issues including trauma, anxiety and depression. 

Teenagers and Depression: What Can We Do To Help

Miraim will guide us through differentiating between teens ups and down and depression. She will give us some advice on how to support our teen and when to get professional help.

Jenny Krainess

Jenny is a certified Nurtured Heart Approach Advanced Trainer and coach, parent coach, and consultant, as well as a mental health crisis manager at Avnei Chein.   She specializes in working with families with mental health challenges.

Mental Illness: How To Help Our Teens. 

Jenny will be talking about how we can support our kids with behavioral or mental health challenges, how as parents, we can make a difference and how to make that difference. It's a talk you won't want to miss.

Helise Pollack

Helise MSW is a psychotherapist in private practice working with childhood sexual abuse treating survivors, offenders (minors) and their families.

What Can We Do To Empower Our Teens Around  Sexual Abuse

Helise gives us some excellent advice on how to have a conversation about abuse with your teen.  She talks about power of reflection, empathy and dialogue as one of the ways to build relationships that enable children and teens to ask for help when in distress. .  She also stresses the importance of building the ability to trust instincts. 

Leah Haber

Leah is  a psychologist (Psy.D) who works with teens, young adults and their families.

Bullying: What is it and how do we help our kids cope? 

Leah discusses how parents can create an environment in which their child feels comfortable telling you what's going on in school. She also tells us of some common mistakes and unhelpful responses parents engage in when trying to cope with this issue.
You will have a lot of strategies to use if this is happening with your child.

Yael Abramowitz

Yael has  her master's in education and a license in life coaching .  She recently launched her own teen coaching business.

How to Build Confidence in Our Teens

Yael  shares some of her secrets of how to help our teens  overcome challenges and build the confidence they need to succeed.  In these crazy, turbulent times, these are skills that are desperately needed.


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