The Art Habit for Moms is a short but powerful e-course designed for busy moms who long for creative time and connection with themselves and those they love most. In this class, Hannah Stevenson, artist and mom to four, gives practical and easy steps to help you carve out time for your creative practice and shows you how art can help form strong family connections. If you are a creative mom who longs to make time for your art while still making life meaningful for your family, this FREE e-course is for you!



Learn how to think about art and motherhood in a new way.


Section 1

Finding Your WHY for making art a habit.

Section 2

Art and Motherhood - Practical solutions for mothers of all ages and stages.


Section 3

Establishing your Art Supplies and Art Space.


Section 4

The Blank Page - Overcoming artist paralysis. 


Section 5

The Art Habit - Making a habit that sticks.


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