You're struggling to find clients for your freelancing biz!

You've seen the #jobopps on Facebook, you've checked Upwork, you've done all the things, and yet you still don't have enough clients for your business!

You have bills to pay, savings to build, debt to repay - acquiring new clients is CRUCIAL, not to mention you LOVE what you do!

You know you want the business, freedom, and the income that comes with having a successful service based business, but there's a HUGE problem!

You don't have enough clients!



My tested and proven strategies for ditching the non-money-making activities and proven strategies for landing clients FAST!


Learn how to leverage referrals so your clients are selling FOR YOU all the time!

MAKE social media work for you. Discover how to use social media to FIND clients. NO more posting and hoping.

Learn how to get clients FAST through email reach outs that ARE NOT salesy!

Crash Course on Effective Client Acquisition

  • Tested and proven strategies for acquiring clients FAST!
  • Plug and play email templates
  • Training on best practices for "wowing" prospects

The Fastest Way to Fill Your Client Roster

  • More prospects and clients that VALUE you
  • Long-term partnerships that grow over time
  • More money, purpose, and passion in your days

No More "I Hope I Get a Client This Week!"

One of the most common challenges I hear as a business coach is - I have no idea how to get my name out there so I can find clients. Here's your solution!


Client Acquisition Tracking Sheet ($15 value)

This spreadsheet will allow you to keep track of prospects so you can see who they are, when you've reached out to them, and when you should follow up!

Behind the Scenes Look at my Reach Outs ($47 value)

I take you behind the scenes in my business and show you exactly how I have acquired four and five-figure per month clients through email reach outs.

Dream & Nightmare Client Outlines ($27 value)

This exercise will help you determine who your dream clients are so you can reach out to them, as well as who your nightmare clients are so you can avoid them.

"Call to action" Ideas ($27 value)

These ideas will help you make sure that you are always including an intentional call to action that helps you acquire new clients (versus posting and hearing crickets).

Content Buckets Spreadsheet ($17 value)

Using this spreadsheet will ensure that your content feels cohesive and valuable for your audience. It will also help you plan your content in advance.

Referral Request Script ($47 value)

This done for you script will help you reach out to clients without the stress of not knowing what to say or how to ask them to sell your services for you!



You're spending time scrolling through social media for #jobopps that are so competitive to the point of having less than a 1% chance of being hired! This is your "employee mindset" talking!

You're spending time making sure that everything in our business looks and feels perfect before you actually start looking for business.

This means no money is coming through the door!

You don't have a concrete system and process to turn prospects and followers into paying customers for your business! Last I checked, you couldn't cash "scrollers" and "likes" at the bank!

Do me a favour! Take a second and think about what it would mean if you...

Finding clients for your business is a total struggle! Am I right?

Fortunately for you... I've developed a unique system that makes client acquisition foolproof!

Imagine waking up in the morning to emails and messages from prospects who are interested in working with you (and not just any prospects... I'm talkin' the dream client kind of prospects!)

How would it feel to start your day without the stress of having to look for new clients? You would be able to focus on service delivery, building relationships, and of course... making those dolla dolla bills!

You would have the freedom to grab coffee with a friend on a Tuesday afternoon or pick up your kids from school.

Just imagine sitting down, opening up your inbox, and seeing a bunch of new discovery call appointments!

How would your situation be different if you could:

  • CONFIDENTLY acquire dream clients that have you working on tasks you're passionate about!

  • Easily INCREASE your monthly income with just a few emails and social posts, without feeling salesy!

  • Know EXACTLY what to say in your emails to get prospects thinking: "WOW!! This person is amazing. I want to know more about them!"

  • STOP blasting content and applications into the unknown with the hope that someone will respond to you!

  • CELEBRATE a full client roster that has you achieving your income goals, experiencing more freedom, and building your dream business!

At this point, you may have been struggling with your income, client consistency, and maybe you've even thought that freelancing just isn't for you...

... until now, friend!

What people are saying!

"This has helped me go from wannabe self-employed dreamer to full-blown freelancer in just a couple of months! Thanks to all of Sam's amazing content, support, and encouragement I have landed 4 dream clients and will be going full time in my own business!"

- Jen, Operations and Productivity Strategist

"Before this, I was really just keeping my head above water trying to put together a business with no real direction. I've now really gained direction and clarity, and I'm working on implementing the things I've learned so far. I finally feel like I have a coherent business to present to potential clients!?"

- Amanda, Content Writer

You feel like you've tried all the things, done all the research, and just can't seem to nail down how to find more clients!

From posting on social media, scrolling through Upwork, applying to #jobopps on Facebook, and whatever else you can think of.

Or maybe you're just starting your business and you think: "How am I supposed to standout from all these other experienced freelancers? I'm just a "newbie."

You feel those knots in your stomach and the tightness in your chest knowing that you NEED those clients but you just can't make it work. Maybe you've even thought that freelancing just isn't for you.

You don't have time or money to waste on things that don't work... like scrolling through Upwork. Let's be real... it's the worst!

There's a secret behind the freelancers who are posting about their #laptop life and who seem to always be fully booked out in their businesses!

It's time you were given the secret!!

Unlike other client acquisition strategies that you may have seen pop up on your social media, these three tested and proven strategies are all FULL OF ACTION.

None of this "lead with value" crap that everyone talks about. I mean, value is important, yes. But I want you to get clients FAST!! These strategies are how to do that!

You deserve to have a full client roster, your dream life, and desired income!

Never again will you be stressed about losing a client or where you'll find your next one. You'll always have these strategies up your sleeve!

Start KILLING IT as a freelancer with:

  • A client acquisition system that actually works

  • Tools and templates that SELL YOUR SERVICES with ease

  • Ways to WOW prospects into working with you

  • Steps that you can quite literally take to the bank!

But hold on... who is the gal behind the systems?

Hey, friend! I'm Samatha!

I am a three-time business owner that helps freelancers take their businesses from struggling to thriving, which allows them to live the life they've always dreamed about! My freelancing journey started in 2013 when I was working with small businesses as a side-hustle to get myself through college.  

Once I graduated, I was recruited into what I thought was my dream job. Little did I know that just a couple years later, I would be fired with no reason and no severance. Some would say that sucks, I saw it as an opportunity. I loved being my own boss and knew it's what I was meant to do.  

Less than 48 hours after being fired, I had three new clients, a website, and a growing business‚Äč. I wholeheartedly believe that we can create whatever life that we want. And, it's now my mission to help other freelancers grow their businesses, find dream clients, and go after the life they've dreamed of.  

If you're ready, I'm all in!! Let's build your freelancing business with consistent $8K+ months so you can get that life you've been dreaming of! Deal!?

Just know that the dream business you want is within reach RIGHT NOW...


    The Client Acquisition Crash Course No Hassle Guarantee

    The Client Acquisition Crash Course come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't satisfied or do not feel like this course is right for you, we will give you your money back. We do not require any forms or proof for a refund. All you need to do is send us an email and we will refund your purchase, no questions asked!

    But, guess what? We haven't had a SINGLE refund request for the Client Acquisition Crash Course!

You Have Q's and I Have A's

How do I access the content?

The Client Acquisition Crash Course is hosted through an online teaching platform called Teachery. Once you purchase the course, you will be sent an email with all of your login information. All of the PDFs, templates, and lessons are provided once you login.

What if I haven't started my freelancing business yet?

Totally fine! You don't need to have an established business to start acquiring clients. The Client Acquisition Crash Course helps both new freelancers and anyone who's been freelancing for a while but struggles to find clients!

What kind of freelancing business is this for?

This course is for freelancers who provide online services. What this means is that you have the ability to offer your services virtually. While the strategy can still apply to location specific freelancers, it was not created with those specific individuals in mind.

How long do I have access?

Lifetime access! You can access the content through your student account at anytime. AND... you will also receive any updates that are made in the future.

What's the refund policy?

The Client Acquisition Crash Course comes with a 14 day, hassle free, money back guarantee. All you have to do is email us if you're not satisfied and we will issue you a refund!

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