Hello Smart Entrepreneurial-Spirited Christian Woman!

I'm teaching a free masterclass to give you clarity around the transition you are experiencing in business with the Three Steps to Clarity - How to have Consistency in your Faith & Business for Your Success.

I'm holding another masterclass which means I’ve got actionable inspiration for you! 

I want you to go from being distracted, overwhelmed and confused because you may be uncertain of what God is really calling you to clarity on which ideas to focus on and decide the direction to go, so you can experience SATISFACTION, be confident they are on the right path, and make wise choices that free you to follow God’s calling.

During this one-hour training, you will learn:

  1. How God designed the beautiful mosaic of you. Start building your mosaic.
  2. How to connect deeper and more consistently with God through spiritual practices.
  3. How to create a real plan for consistently achieving your goals by focusing on one business offer.

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If you're at a place of transition in business and feel trapped and in indecision, you are in the right spot to finally clarify which ideas to focus on and decide the direction to go.

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Now is the time to get traction, clear away all the distractions, and end your lack of focus. Make a move towards clarifying your calling and growing your business today.

Deneen TB

I’ve provided clarity and focus for hundreds of Christian women business owners and entrepreneurs. 

My clients can tell you that I helped them put God first, clarify their calling and ultimately run a faith-fueled, God-centered business.

I’m here to help you
stop the struggle and
step into the life
God created for you to live.