CAMP EARTHPACT is a pilot 7-week Outdoor Summer Program
(week 5 hosted by The Federation of Southern Cooperatives in Alabama)

Program dates: JUNE 27 - AUGUST 12

Key Features of the EARTHPACT camp

Hands-on skills in Earth work

Field trips and making connections

Teamwork + character building

Hear Forestry Camp Director, Mr. Freddie Davis (The Federation of Southern Cooperatives), speak about the program in this short video (1:24) below:

Hear from 3 Watoto who attended Forestry Camp during Summer 2021 share their experiences of in this short video (2:40) below:

Frequently Asked Questions (from inquiry form):

General Questions:
My question was in regard to drop-off/pick-up / Is there an extended time such as 9am to 5pm?
Our current plan is for the camp hours to be 9am-2pm, pick-up window being 2pm-3pm. We can assist with facilitating carpooling once we know who all is registered.

Q: Since the camp is outdoors for the hottest part of the summer, how will the younger campers be protected from the sun?
We will have access to covered / indoor space for inclement weather (rain and/or extreme heat); we will also ensure that all campers have ample breaks in the shade and breaks for hydration.

Q: When are fees due? 
Fees will be due at the time of registration (week of June 13th); registrants will have the option of paying all up front or 1/2 at registration and the other half by the beginning of the program.

Q: And can campers opt in to certain weeks? (Ex. Camper is only available for weeks 1 & 3) / Is this 5 days per week for the 5 weeks or once per week? If the latter, which day will it be held?
For this pilot year, the camp programming is designed to build from week to week (particularly for older youth), so we are asking for commitment in the following increments: 
- For older watoto (10-17): either all 7 weeks, weeks 1-5 (including trip to Alabama) or weeks 1-4
- For younger watoto (5-9): either the full 2 weeks (weeks 6-7) or only one of those 2 weeks
The camp is 5 days per week (Except Monday July 4 and Monday August 1)

Questions specific to Forestry Camp:
Q: Is vaccination required/COVID protocols
 Vaccination is not required however we will have a COVID policy for the trip (negative PCR test required prior to departing; temperature checks, as-needed rapid antigen tests, isolation if symptoms of suspected COVID arise, keeping most activities outdoors and/or in well-ventilated indoor spaces, etc.) -- more details will be made available during the registration process

Q: Looking forward to hearing about lodging / Where are you all staying?
The Federation has dormitories on site, males on one wing and females on another wing. Check out the Q&A session recording for more details; we will also hold another session at a later date for registered Forestry Camp youth/families to go over all logistics and details like lodging.

Q: How many campers to chaperones?
A: This will be determined by the number of registrants; The Federation will ensure adequate staffing depending on final numbers. Both Mama Eshé and Mama Njeri will be present as well.

Are the kids separated by age group?
A: Kids will be separated into smaller groups during the forestry camp activities; some may be mixed aged groups and others will be groupings by age. 

What’s the protocol for emergencies?
A: We will cover this during the registration process, following emergency protocols of The Federation

Q: How much additional money should be sent with my child?
 None -- food and all necessary supplies for camp activities are included in the registration fee.

EARTHCAMP 2022 team

Eshé Armah (a.k.a. Mama Eshé) is known as a Cali-grown, tree-loving mama who uses nature as a guide to navigate her world. A daughter of Tuskegee University, she majored in English and Political Science before earning her BA in Youth Development and beginning a career in education and program design. In 2013 she received a MA in Healing Arts from MUIH and a graduate certificate in Herbal Studies and began a homeschooling journey with her twin sons. Eshe shares a passion for outdoor, experiential education and has directed camps and led after school programs for 20 years. As an educator she has helped facilitate programming and workshops with Sankofa Homeschool Collective and taught English Literacy for Wilson Baker Homeschool Academy. She presently serves as a Professional Organizer, College Essay Tutor, and consults for the design of out-of-school time and summer programming.

Njeri Nembhard (a.k.a. Mama Njeri) is a co-founder of Maroon Life Learning (MLL) which focuses on the continued study and proliferation of African knowledge, culture and history. For the past 18 year she has been a homeschool educator of her own and other children. She has created African Centered curricula which she has taught in brick and mortar schools and online for adults and children alike. She is a graduate of Columbia University Teachers College with a master’s degree in International Education Development, Curriculum and Technology. A person dedicated to academic excellence and the advancement of African people and their descendants in the Diaspora, she has prior academic experience in the areas of curriculum development and academic proofing, business development and publication projects and hotel management. An energetic enthusiastic individual, she is committed to the plight and journey of African science, art and culture through its people and their descendants.

Chinyere (Chichi) Aguwa is a Princeton RISE fellow who will be supporting OurSpace this summer. She is a rising sophomore at Princeton University who plans to major in Anthropology and minor in Global Health and Health Policy. Some activities that she is involved in on-campus include working for the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate and being a treasurer for Friends of MSF at Princeton. As a premed student, she hopes to become a medical professional and primarily work with marginalized communities to help them access proper health care.

OurSpace is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to cooperatively educate, organize, and support squads of land stewards and Earth healers, prioritizing folks of the Black Diaspora. Read more about our work here!

a sneak preview of what we'll explore at EARTHPACT +
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