Key Features of Camp EarthPact

Hands-on Technical
Skill Building

Conscious Conceptual Training


Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don't feel ready to launch a camp this summer?
 You will be supported with up to 4 coaching sessions to help you feel ready.

Q: If I miss a session will I be able to complete the course?
You can make up 1 class to still be eligible to complete the course.

Q: What are the requirements prior to my camp's launch?
Completion of the course, Background Check, First Aid and CPR certification, & submission and approval of camp

Q: Do I need any prior experience leading a camp?
No. You have to have a skillset in working with children and an appreciation for the outdoors.

Q: Can I apply with a partner?
Yes and this is very much welcome as we know the importance of having an adequately staffed camp and also more camp curators often means more magic can happen. In order for both partners to receive the stipends, both partners will need to be fully present and participate in the 6-week lab sessions. If moving forward with hosting a camp, each individual will need to host their own camp, with the partner supporting each respective camp.

Q: Are there any fees associated with participating?
Not only is the lab free, but you will receive a stipend for successfully completing the modules.

Q: Is there a minimum length of time the camp should run? Any minimum hours in the day?
A: Yes. The minimum duration for day camps will be 1 week (5 days) for at least 5 hours per day. The minimum duration for overnight camps will be 3 days (2 overnight stays; e.g., arrive Friday to begin and depart Sunday).

Q: Can we charge campers a fee to cover things like food or extra staff?
A: Absolutely. 

Q: How will we receive our stipends?
Stipends will be paid via direct deposit or via a mobile payment service.

Q: Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
 Send us an email at campearthpact@gmail.com

Camp EarthPact
Leadership Lab Team

Eshé Armah is known as a Cali-grown, tree-loving mama of twin teenage sons. A daughter of Tuskegee University, she earned her BA in Youth Development and delved into a career in education and program design. In 2013 she received an MA in Healing Arts from Maryland University of Integrative Health and a graduate certificate in Herbal Studies. Eshe shares a passion for outdoor, experiential education and has directed camps and led after school programs for 21 years. As an educator she has helped facilitate programming and workshops with Sankofa Homeschool Collective and taught English Literacy for Wilson Baker Homeschool Academy. She was the director of last year's pilot EarthPact Summer Program and presently lives in Alabama at the Rural Training and Research Center and serves as the Program and Training Coordinator for The Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund.

Tiffany Maqubela is a mother, wife, and wellness advocate.  She has served as a yoga instructor since 2015, providing a space of reprieve for communities of color throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia-area.  A two-time graduate of Howard University, Tiffany holds a BA in History and an M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Policy.  She has worked in educational institutions for over a decade.  She truly believes in the importance of culturally-centered spaces of diverse experiences for children, thus her kids participated in Camp EarthPact during its pilot phase.  The opportunity to connect and work in nature was a refreshingly new experience for the campers. Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Tiffany enjoys reading, eating good food, traveling, and learning new things. She is excited to support and witness the successful outcomes of the new future Camp Earthpact leaders.

OurSpace is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to cooperatively educate, organize, and support squads of land stewards and Earth healers, prioritizing folks of the Black Diaspora. Read more about our work here!