Beauty Consultations

One-on-One Coaching 

with Victoria

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the beauty market, afraid of doing something wrong (or too late), of hurting your skin, or of feeling downright stupid...

First, you aren't stupid. And you're not alone.

I can help you.

I have struggled with acne from the minute I hit puberty. As a teenager, I clung to the belief that I’d “grow out of it” and would eventually blossom with a clear complexion once my hormones leveled out. When that didn’t happen and my acne actually got WORSE, I was at my wits end. I had been given “miracle treatment” products by well meaning friends and family which seemed to work at first, but left my skin stripped and inflamed. This definitely upped my makeup game immensely but I just wanted healthy skin! I didn’t know why my skin was screaming at me; I had no idea I was actually harming it by trying to “help” it. All I knew was I was done following the pretty font on the side of a package blindly, spending exorbitant amounts of money on products that never healed me, and dragging around this sorry pity party for myself any further.

What started as a personal project, blossomed into a passion than a career. I studied esthetics, specializing in advanced facial treatments, and now as a trained professional, my mission is to empower women to feel beautiful and kick their insecurities to the curb through professional treatments and education about beauty. Every facet and angle of this industry fascinates me and I have pursued it with vigor. I have seen this education transform my own skin as well as anyone I’ve been privileged to help.

What you can expect:

If you’re looking for a personal masterclass in makeup or want to become an expert in caring for your own skin, these consultations are tailored to you. 

If makeup is on the agenda, you’ll get hands-on teaching with the products you already own and if something needs to be added or replaced, we’ll talk through the perfect products you can collect to complete your stash. 

If we’re talking skincare, (my personal favorite) we will cover everything from the basics you should have in your routine to all the bells and whistles we can introduce so you can achieve beautiful, glowing, healthy skin. If you are local to me, our first meeting with include a facial analysis to help me better understand your skin. 

Makeup Consults

- You will learn how to achieve a signature makeup look, tailored to your face and preferences 

- You will get all your makeup questions answered

- You will learn how to use the products you already own

- I will demonstrate techniques and have you practice by copying what I do

- I will give product recommendations if needed/wanted

- 15 minute virtual video follow up for any questions you have 

    Skincare Consults

    - We will discuss your top skin concerns and goals + diagnose what your skin needs

    - We will evaluate if the products you’re using are the best possible option for you and your skin + make adjustments where needed

     -We will create a custom routine for you to care for your skin, within your budget

    - You will have a custom program to take notes during the session

    - 15 minute virtual video follow up for any questions you have

      *Or you can have a mixture of both in the same session!*

      Need another reason?

      These consultations will save you countless hours researching topics on your own, massive amounts of money buying the wrong and/or bad products, and the weary double and triple checking of every claim and ingredient before being a human guinea pig of a potentially promising product. I have done the research (don’t ask how many hours, I have lost track), I know the market very well, and if something needs confirming I can do it quicker and faster for you.


      Single Consultation*

      90 minute session, $90

      Consultation Course* 

      3 - 90 minute sessions over 6-12 months, 

      $250 paid in full or three payments of $85

      *Both in-person or virtual video options 

      BONUS: 50% discounts to Renew and Virtual Renew events 

      With Candor and Class, Victoria


      Are you part of a MLM? I’ve turned down offer after offer to join teams that promote and sell their own product because I always want my clients to know they come before a sales quota or a promotion for me. I am independent so we can move through the market uninhibited together, knowing the good of you and your skin is the #1 priority. 

      Do I have to be local to schedule a session? My consultations are available both in-person and virtually. International clients are welcome! 

      Why would I book 3 sessions instead of just one? Our skin is alive and active; it’s not a one-and-done problem we solve once and it never comes back again. This consultation bundle will track your skill and healing over a period of 6-12 months, building your techniques and tweaking your routine to achieve your long-term goals. This course also has built-in accountability to help you stay on track with your makeup and skincare goals to continue moving you forward. I will record all the products you are using, your preferences and reviews, as well as your milestones as you accomplish them.

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