Desire a Quick Shift? 

Skillfully Awaken to your Life Mission in 90 Days

There is a conversation many of us are in right now about why we are here.

You might be asking:

What is my "next" that is fulfilling and aligned with my gifts and talents? 

Why am I here at this time on earth? What am I here to do? 

Who are the people that share my vision for the world? 

How do I move forward with what inspires me? 

How can I live my life artfully, skillfully and sacredly? 

These questions may begin as a niggling inside, then become a nudge and at some point, bring us to the cross-road of a larger life decision. When this happens, how do we access the inner knowing we need so we can make an authentic and true decision?

Building skill with the process of life mission inquiry is a way to access that 'knowing', the difference between feeling lost in a moment of decision, and feeling connected to the inner knowing of a deeper part of ourselves.

✨  Be a magnet to others who share your vision for the world.

✨  Be clear on why you are here.

✨  Know your next.

✨  Move forward skillfully, artfully and sacredly.

Ok, so how does one build skill with accessing their inner knowing about life mission?

In the following, you'll be introduced to a promise, a process, a program and a book , offering a unique, dynamic way of accessing inner knowing about and guidance for your life mission. This process is based on the work of Daniel Goodenough and the book, The Caravan of Remembering (you can read more about the book and Daniel further down).

First, a Promise...

In this brief clip (1 min), Daniel Goodenough shares about the promise of working with Caravan's approach to life mission.

A Process...

Life Mission questions are likened to musical scales that we are encouraged to practice over time to build mastery. The process of answering life mission "scales" results in new neuro-pathways that connect to multiple places of knowing within. A "muscle" of inner knowing develops over the course of practice. 

A Program...

Our team, called The Caravan of Remembering Initiative, wanted to bring the work of Caravan even more alive, beyond reading and study groups. So we've created an immersive experience that draws on the processes in Caravan and much more.

Set up as online self-study courses, each course is based on one chapter of The Caravan of Remembering.

    This program will increase your skill with articulating why you are here, what you are here to do and who you are here to become.

    ✔️  Magnetize the people and experiences to you that you need to live your               mission.

    ✔️  Identify your "next" coming from within you, in relationship to what                         happening in the world around you.

    ✔️  Open doors to a way of living your life more skillfully, artfully and sacredly. 

    The program offers:

    ⭐  A step-by-step foundational process for life mission inquiry;

    ⭐  Narrated selections from The Caravan of Remembering to familiarize you with the book;

    ⭐  Recorded journeys by Daniel Goodenough to cultivate a quiet atmosphere for inner exploration;

    ⭐  Life Mission Questions ("scales") to build skill with life mission inquiry;

    ⭐  Perspectives and insights offered by Caravan "Guides";

    ⭐  Access to live Q&A sessions with Daniel Goodenough; 

    ⭐  A desert-inspired Expedition Journal to support your process;

    ⭐  Office hours with Caravan Guides to explore with a "live" person.

    Our self-study courses are priced at $49.00 USD, with bundles options that include monthly live Guide calls in small groups.

    It would be an honour to support you in the remembering and awakening to your life's mission.

    The link below will take you to our Thinkific page where you can explore free preview sections to get a feel for the courses. 

    A bit about Daniel:

    Daniel Goodenough has invested a lifetime of research to discover and create processes, services, systems, and platforms to support individuals to live their vision, and unique life mission in the way the world most needs it done.

    After years of “life coaching” already, as the field of life coaching became a recognized profession, he was certified as life coach in 1995. Daniel has developed over 14 classes in life mission along the way.

    Daniel brings this background to a deep understanding of and profound commitment to empowering others to manifest their life missions – and do it artfully, skillfully and sacredly. He published The Caravan of Remembering in 2016 to offer people a way to work with their life mission inquiry as a more self-directed pathway that includes a community of support.

    What others have said...

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    Before you go...

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    💖  Lastly, a parting quote from The Caravan of Remembering

    “My wish for you is that you fall so much, so much in love, and fall so completely, that you once and for all surrender into your passion and your purpose.”