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Career Change with Clarity

The 9-week group coaching programme to get you back to career happy!

Feeling stuck, unhappy and totally done with your job or career is a horrid place to be. This is exactly why I am launching my group Career Change with Clarity programme – to allow you to figure out that viable alternative and set you up with a plan to get there - to feel happy in your career – and yourself – again!

What we'll cover

This online group coaching course will be broken into eight easy-to-manage modules. You will be part of a community of other parents all working through this at the same time – so not only do you get my expertise as your Coach, you also reap the benefits of a community for even more accountability and support.

Here’s what this 9-week programme will cover:

Sound good? Then let’s get you onto one of those spaces!

If the above wasn’t enough for you, you can have even more! At the end of the programme you will have the opportunity to enrol into any, or all of these bonuses for a reduced price 

✨ CV masterclass: I will share all I know so you can craft a CV that get’s you those precious interviews!

✨ Making networking easy: It’s a word many hate, but it doesn’t need to be that way. This session will allow you to network with ease and get results

✨ Accountability sessions: Worried life will just get in the way or the self-doubt will creep back in if the going gets a little tough? These sessions are on hand to ensure you stick to your plan via extra support from me and a small group of accountability partners.

So if you're now ready to go for it, to figure out your path back to a happy career, click below to join the waitlist!

Here’s what some of my clients have had to say

Are you ready to be part of a community of other parents all working towards finding happiness in their career again?

Career Change with Clarity Programme

Investment: £975 (across 2 instalments) 

or reduced to £825 if paid in full!

Starting April 2023

Still got questions? The below may hold the answer!


What if I cannot make the live calls?

All will be recorded so this is no issue. Of course, showing up in person means you get the most from it, but life happens so as long as you schedule time to catch up, you’re all set.

Will I have to do homework between sessions?

Yes!!! As a minimum you will need a couple of hours between sessions to do the work in between. This is of course not for me to mark and say “well done” for! It is for you to get as much as you can from our time together so it is on you to invest the time that’s needed to gain the most from this programme.

Do I have to pay in one go?

No. The full investment of the 8-module course is £975, paid across equal instalments, one month apart. However if you do prefer to pay in full, upfront you will pay a discounted rate of £825. 

What if I don’t make a final decision by the end of the programme?

All coachees work at different paces. You can still join all calls based on however far you have got. However, you will have lifetime access to all course content, so if you feel you need to re-visit certain modules for any reason, you can. The programme will support you to reach a decision, but if that takes a little more time, that’s ok (the accountability bonus may well help with this too!)

Career changes sound great, but won’t I have to still pay for more training or take a big salary cut?

Not necessarily! The whole point of this is to find a viable option for you. For some retraining isn’t an issue, for others it is. The same with salary reductions. If these are part of your non-negotiables the goal will be to find a solution that works AND you are happy in. So being an astronaut or a Doctor may be off the table, but there WILL be an option out there for you!

What if I just can’t find an alternative that’s viable?

There are options for everyone. You may not be able to leap to your new career in one simple steps, but the plan you reach will get you to a place of feeling happier in a viable way.

Will I be in my new job or career by the time I finish the course?

I don’t know! I do not have a magic wand, nor am I able to produce jobs for people, but I do know you will have clarity, direction and a plan. Whether that means you secure your new job the week we finish or 12 months later, the aim is to have identified the goal and have a plan to make it happen.

So, let’s do this!

Still have questions not answered above? Drop me an email here and I can answer directly to you.