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    1. The 9 - step career transition plan from Idea to impact delivery.
    2. Free resources to support you with strategic networking.
    3. Templates to support with core elements of your plan

    Additional Bonuses

    Other resources to get you started: Over the next month you will receive key resources linked to the book - Do What Matters, the purpose Driven Career Transition Guide, Including:
    ✅A decision support template to help prompt your purpose discovery, leveraging the UN  17 Sustainable Development Goals, and Project Drawdown.

    ✅A tool to help you develop your LinkedIn Profile to deliver clearer communication on your goals, and support your search.

    ✅ Other supporting guides linked to each of the 3 key sections of the book - from self-mastery, social credibility, and your first 90 days.

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    About Your Coach Katherine Ann Byam

    Katherine Ann Byam is a best-selling author, sustainability activist, coach and consultant for business resilience and sustainable change, partnering with leaders committed to a shared future for life on our planet.”

    A professional with 20+years change leadership experience in the FTSE Top 10, she started her consulting firm in 2019 to support sustainable development within SMEs. Katherine holds an MBA with distinction, specialising in Innovation Management as well as certificates in ESG, digital strategy, and sustainability management from established universities. She’s also a Fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants.

    She’s the host of the internationally acclaimed Where Ideas Launch - Sustainable Innovation Podcast, ranked among the top 5% globally, achieving the top spot in 5 countries, and the top 10 in 19 separate charts.

    As an ESG Consultant, Katherine works with firms on their net zero transitions, evaluating materiality, developing a strategy, and then delivering key projects that realise long term net-positive goals.

    As a sought-after leadership career coach, ESG practitioner and keynote speaker, she facilitates workshops and learning sessions for communities within global brands such as Amazon, Women Tech Global, ACCA, Stryker, Speak Up, Mind Channel and more.

    She loves spending her spare time in nature, walking the western and southern coasts of the UK, France, and Tobago, or on the Northern and eastern coasts of Trinidad with her partner Christophe.