A Career Coaching Lunchtime Workshop:

Find out where you'll thrive!

Join us, Friday 24 September 12 Midday

In career coaching I see so many people focusing on the What that we often forget the Where. Once you’ve worked in two or more work places you’ll know that we can be doing a similar job in organisation A and it be a completely different experience to organisation B. There’s a few reasons why that is, including your relationship with your manager, your immediate team and key clients or stakeholders and of course the organisational culture. 

So, in this interactive session we’ll focus on the part of career planning that is often neglected – how do I work out the kind of organisation in which I’ll thrive? And does that even exist?

Through self reflection exercises and small group discussion, we’ll focus on: 

  • What a great organisational culture looks like for YOU (it won’t be the same for everyone)
  • How to find out where that exists.

I’ll also share all the different elements to consider when planning your next career move in order so that it feels aligned to your values and purpose.

And in the last 5 minutes I’ll introduce you to The Career Compass, my brand new 4 week self-study course which includes the most useful and practical career coaching exercises from my 10 years of career transition coaching.

Join me, Jennifer McCanna, a leadership coach of ten years and counting, in this live interactive lunchtime workshop on Friday 24 September at midday.

    Here's what Sarah has to say about one of my recent workshops:

    "I had many light bulb moments during the workshop, fundamentally realising that the only person who gets in the way of feeling good about myself is me! Jen gave us some useful tools for reversing the negative thinking, which can only improve my self-confidence going forward. I also met some lovely, like-minded people. I highly recommend it!"