Complete the Is It Time To Get Help assessment and receive a 100% tailored-to-you Care Fit Scorecard with clear, customized insights into your current care situation and options that might work best. Our smart scoring technology will provide guidance that will help you become better prepared for making care decisions. 

  • The results will be personalized just for you.
  • Insights will actually be tailored to the selected "care client." 
  • You’ll get a secure report with a score instantly.
  • It takes less than 5 minutes to complete.


Helps determine your next steps.

The Is It Time To Get Help assessment centers around 4 core principles that combine to help you understand your care needs, so you know what to do next. The assessment you complete will show where you are today as well as tell you exactly which care options would be the best fit based on your unique needs.

Getting The Right Care

Find the best balance of safety and independence.

Getting Care At The Right Time

Get help immediately or plan for the future.

Getting Care In The Right Place

Decide if staying home or moving to a senior living community is best.

Getting The Right Support

Learn how to talk to your family and when you're ready, professional care providers.


Data that helps you make better decisions.

The internet is full with an over-abundance of information, making it difficult to know what to look for and what you can actually trust. This creates all sorts of confusion for families trying to navigate the world of senior care to figure out what they need or what to do.

This is why the Care Fit Scorecard is so powerful.

Utilizing smart technology, we’re able to instantly deliver information tailored specifically for you and your loved ones to guide your decision-making.

What We’ll Measure & Provide insights on...

Section 1: Your Care Needs

Based on what you tell us, the tool will guide you through a serious of questions to determine the current care situation, needs, financial situation, and timeline. The information is analyzed and you’ll get a score of between 0 and 100. The higher the score, the greater the need for more hands-on, around-the-clock care.

Section 2: Best Options For You

In this section, you get a side-by-side comparison of “in-home” and “senior care community” options with recommendations on the top options for people with your particular care needs. Highlighted options give you additional information, including when an environment might be right (and not right) for supporting your care needs, factors that might affect your care and ways to pay for care.

Section 3: What You Can Do Now

This section focuses on your care planning options. You can use the information to put your own care plan into action. There’s plenty of information to do so, should you decide to go at it alone.

Or, share your Care Fit report with us and our Healthwhiz team will help sort through the wealth of information to determine what options might right for you.

But, we do much more. 

Your Healthwhiz Advisor can help:

  • Screen in-home providers and senior care communities to find your best match.
  • Figure out ways to pay for care.
  • Coordinate services and schedule appointments when the time comes to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Puts you in the driver seat.

The benefits of the Care Fit Scorecard goes beyond care needs and options. It gives you a roadmap for navigating the vast and often overwhelming senior care marketplace.

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