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For investors and members

Invest in V4.0, 1 LOT=1000 EUR=0.266% share of, 1 LOT=3.5 years free of charge use for both exchanges, CargoNet and TransNet

Invitation to offer:

Request a non binding proposal/contract 

Unlimited Subscription to loads or trucks at CargoNet or TransNet by E-mail. 

Free of charge listing, subscribing to loads or free trucks, search for cargoes or trucks, browsing for subscribers to loads or free trucks.

All that for up to 5 created accounts within company or subsidiary. 

Separate registration is needed.

Start Free trial at CargoNet or TransNet:

1 LOT= 3 NFT as IPO, 231 NFTs (20%) in first seed phase will be sold to early investors.

NFTs will be sent to your ETH Wallet or kept at us,
as per your request. 
NFTs will be bought back in 2024 year with ROI 30%.

20% funds will be available to gateway for early investors as a BID -10% from market price

Buy NFT as IPO  Download MetaMask