Ecuadorian Cacao for your ceremonies

Cacao is a Master Plant Medicine which can support you in your spiritual journey to expand consciousness, productivity, innovation, decision making, creativity, healthy living + provide enhanced physical training.

Here are some additional benefits of cacao:

- generates endorphins in the body

- highest plant based source of iron

- an elixir for the heart, promoting heart health and heart coherence

- fibre, supporting a healthy gut. Bowel regularity. Fibre can also aid in weight management as it helps you feel fuller, longer.

- protein, required to maintain and grow muscle mass

- potassium, important for muscular and neurological function

- source of magnesium and potassium

- natural compounds known to reduce anxiety and lift our moods

- antioxidant rich superfood which neutralises the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin

- the flavonoids in cacao and chocolate have been shown to have a positive effect on the brain

- natural compounds, including: serotonin, endorphins, phenylethylamine, tryptophan and anandamide, all of which have been shown to enhance mood and create feelings of happiness and euphoria.


- cacao accelerates your awakening if that is your intention, acting as a medicine for your soul

- raw cacao creates inner transformation, supports emotional release, assists you in greater ease + decision making and creates depth within your understanding.

Ceremonial Cacao from Ecuador is a truly ancient strain variety of our beloved plant medicine, harvested with devotion by indigenous Quechua families in the Amazonian region of Tena.

This heirloom strain is known as ‘Arriba Nacional del Fino Aroma’ and its ‘fine aroma’ immediately opens the senses when encountered!

It is one of the rarest varieties of cacao in the world, and recent anthropological discoveries show that Ecuadorians have been harvesting and consuming cacao for over 5,000 years - currently the oldest evidence of cacao use we have today.

This cacao is grown from these ancient seeds, hand-picked by Quechua communities and grown and preserved in artisanal nurseries.

Trees such as cacao truly flourish in systems of agroforestry, where they are rooted in rich soils, nourished by wild plant and animal diversity, under the shade of other large trees. This biodiversity, and the ancient ways of knowing that inform such symbiotic land management, eliminates the need for chemicals, whilst enhancing the potency and flavour of the medicine in ways that have to be experienced to be believed!

The trees which are harvested to produce this cacao are almost 50 years old, and so carry a wisdom of the forest absorbed by decades of growth in their ancestral habitat.

The connection I source this cacao from works directly with Quechua farmers to bring cacao to your ceremony, and by supporting these reciprocal relationships, you are not only supporting the continued biodiversity of the medicine’s original homelands but are also incentivising the next generation of Quechua youth to learn and grow with their ancestral practices, rather than abandoning their homesteads for urban lifestyles, which is often encouraged by the public and Catholic schools in the Tena area.

Purchasing cacao this way helps to make it economically possible for families to maintain their regenerative farming practices, which produce lower yields but reverse the degeneration of the natural environment caused by monocropping that is endemic throughout the region.

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