You'll learn how to set up and automate your future challenges to save time and increase your revenue.

Case studies

Learn from what I've done and discover what works and what doesn't. 


Step-by-step strategies will help you get your next free challenge on the road. Ready to copy and implement!

What you'll read

If you’re trying to grow your audience you probably have been posting content on the reg and are growing ever so slowly. Am I right?

Are you feeling disappointed that your numbers aren’t where you want them to be?

Are you looking for ways to grow faster than ever before?

Do you have a new offer you want to promote in a fun and challenging way?

A few months ago, I decided to open up a new offer. In order to promote this offer (and grow my audience), I hosted my first ever virtual challenge.

It was intimidating to say the least. However, it ended up being a GREAT learning experience.

In my FIRST EVER EBook, “How To Get Clients Through Free Challenges”, I walk you through step-by-step how I planned, created, and promoted my challenge so you can do it, too!

Take what I’ve learned, and make it your own with this helpful guide to running challenges to promote your business or new offer.