6-Week 1:1 Coaching

Guidance, structure, and support as you dive into changing your present and future!

Unleash the power within you to change every perceived negative experience into 'A CHARGE' that can lead to AMAZING GROWTH!

I can help you dig deep, organize, and create a plan to work through negative experiences and redirect them into skills that will help you live a better life now and continually progress into future you are destined to have. 

The 'Change My Way' Package Includes:

6 Weekly 1:1 sessions (60 minutes) 

PDF copy of 'Your Ego Is Lying To You' 

Change My Way Template

Messager/Voxer/Text Coaching

$1,799.97 (Regular Price) $249.99 (Beta Price)

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$83.33 (3 bi-weekly payments)