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Check Your Vulva Program

Our mission: Get people diagnosed sooner

Vulvas are a source of life and pleasure. Yet 8 out of 10 women can't name all its parts. Vulvar health is in trouble because of stigma and lack of sex education. Many people with LS believe doing routine vulva checks would have lead to an earlier diagnosis, but they didn't know. It is important we educate people about vulva checks and vulvar health. Our mission is to educate people on their anatomy, empower them to advocate for themselves, and make vulva checks a form of self-care.

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Strive for vulvar health equality



Creating a positive, safe space for people to learn about their bodies, without sexualization, stigma, or pressure to look a certain way.



Get into high school and colleges to educate on the importance of vulva checks and what can happen to vulvas, outside of STIs, UTIs, and yeast infections.



Change vulva checks from a medical necessity to self-care by approaching them from a mental health approach and making them easy and enjoyable.

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