DETOX OUTSIDE THE BOX, by Rita Ellithorpe MD, is a thought provoking insight about EDTA chelation, it delves into why so many Americans are faced with the horrible reality of having a degenerative disease. Rita Ellithorpe MD, a renowned integrative medicine specialist has been on the front lines for over 20 years helping people overcome the ravages of disease. If you are faced with a degenerative condition, or if you just want to achieve a better level of health, you will find the answers you are searching for right here. And right now it's free - for a limited time. 

Sherry Roger MD

Well known physician, author of several great books, including DETOXIFY OR DIE.

My hat goes off to [the manufacturers of Detoxamin] for researching and making EDTA chelation available, affordable, non-prescription, and practical for a greater number of people... for as you have learned, heavy metal toxicity is at the root of many incurable conditions, and it is not going to go away. Detoxamin will revolutionise medicine.