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Chickit Hutch Build Plans

Easy, affordable and mobile chicken tractor plans! Downloadable and printable. Complete material list and step-by-step instructions.

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"The building plans are straightforward and easy to follow. The Chickit Hutch DIY could be a first project for anyone’s new homestead." - Sarah

We're Abbagail & Mackenzie! Nice to meet you. 

We started with a few chickens, and have now moved past the homesteading dream, and are living the ranch dream. We run an operational pasture based, regenerative ranch and raise nutrient dense meat for our community. It’s something we are so passionate about!

We're also on a mission to help people take control of their food supply. Chickens are often where people start. They are affordable, easy to care for and are dual purpose - meat and eggs! 

We designed this Chickit Hutch ourselves after being frustrated  with other models on the market. It's mobile, affordable, easy to build and can fit 12-16 birds! This is perfect for the new homesteader getting started with chickens! (It can also be used for pastured rabbits!!).

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Become a part of regenerative agriculture! Our open bottom system allows the manure to fall through the bottom, and in turn fertilizes the grass making it lush! This coop is also easier to clean due to its welded wire bottom, and allows you to move it to wherever there is an abundance of grass.


Simply allow your chickens to roam free during the day, foraging until their hearts content, then simply use the Chickit Hutch as their bedtime coop. Or put up an electric net and energizer surrounding the Chickit Hutch for all day and night protection.

The Chickit Hutch Features:

Mobile & Easy to Move

Our Chickit Hutch can easily be moved with one person and is light weight. Take advantage of lush grassy locations for your chickens, and even take it with you when you move!


Don't break the bank when first starting out. The Chickit Hutch can easily be built for $400 and under! Cheaper than the coops you buy at the store, can fit more birds and is mobile!

Easy to Build

Our plans comes with step-by-step instructions, pictures for every step, material list, tool list, and cut list! You can easily build this from start to finish in a day.

Lift Top

Easily lift the top of the hutch to access the nesting boxes, plus use the metal handle bar and prop open the lid to make it hands free. Egg collecting has never been easier!

Open Bottom

The bottom of the Chickit Hutch is open with welded wire, allowing the chicken poop to fall through making this a breeze to clean! Plus the grass gets fertilized  as you move your hutch to new locations.

Winter Proof

No need to build something else for your chickens for the winter month. Chickens will be very happy in the Chickit Hutch with simply adding some hay in the bottom to insulate the space.

Rabbit Option

Not interested in chickens? We got you. This hutch can also accommodate rabbits along with their nesting boxes. You even get a tutorial to learn how to build 4 nesting boxes with 1 piece of plywood!

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"I love this coop! It was easy to build and my chickens love it. 

Thanks Sage & Shepherd!" 

- Maria

See the Chickit Hutch in Action

Plus, receive exclusive access to our homestead group


Join the community and grow together! There is nothing like sharing knowledge and learning from others.

On the fence? Let me answer some questions for you!

1. How do I receive my plans?

These are ebook plans, so as soon as you purchase, you will get an email containing the link to instantly download your new book bundle! Once it’s downloaded, you’ll have it forever.

2. What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the downloadable file and your instant access to it, the bundle is non-refundable. Send me an email and I’d be happy to answer any questions.

3. Couldn't I just find something online and figure it out myself?

Yes, you can find anything on the internet these days. So if you want to spend hours upon hours compiling the perfect info, guessing dimensions and making mistakes, then go for it... But I highly recommenced this for ease of build and efficiency. 

4. What if I don’t have much land? 

Our Chickit Hutch is perfect for the farm, homestead, acreage, and backyard. It’s 5’ x 3’ dimensions are a great size.

5. Is the Chickit Hutch predator proof?

Yes! As long as you close up the ramp at night time it should be complete predator proof! We have had no problems.

6. Can I easily move the Chickit Hutch?

Yes! I am only 5’-4” and can practically jog and move it at the same time.

7. How do I access the Facebook group?

Once you purchase the book, you will receive an email with the link, simple click ‘request to join’, and I will let you in!! It’s a private group for qualified buyers only.

"We finished this in a day and found the instructions easy to follow! I love how I can move it wherever I want it. Collecting eggs has become my favourite part of the day." - Alex

Compatible with all the devices

Get your plans now!

Download your plans and instantly get access. Read  with your tablet or phone, or simply print off when you start the building project!

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