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My name is Ruta, founder of the “Chocolate4Soul” project. I am 41 years old now and half of my life I had a lot of problems with my beauty: weight, acne, skin pigmentation, large pores, wrinkles, grey skin which has lost its glow, droopy eyelids... This was my everyday life.

We will discuss most of these problems in this eBook and how I managed to solve them

A few secrets that you will find in this book:

✓ Why don't the most popular diets work and why don't they stand a chance?

✓ What are the cream manufacturers hiding about wrinkles?

✓ What are the dermatologists not telling you about the acne products (and they know it!)

✓ What are the specialists not telling you about weight loss?

✓ What secret did a skin specialist reveal to MADONNA (by the way, no one is saying that all the other skin care products are useless)?

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