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Christians In A Cancel Culture Podcast is a place where we'll talk about things we're not supposed to talk about. So, starting in July, we'll tackle Racism, Transgender Ideology, Abortion, LGBTQ, and Progressive Christianity. We'll be featuring weekly guests who are experts on these topics because these conversations are coming your way. So let's get ready.

Be A Disciple, Not Just A Believer. A believer believes, but a disciple believes, learns and follows. So do you need some help with personal things that hold you back?  Do you need a confidential place to talk about it? Or do you sense you need more Biblical understanding so you'll grow in your relationship with Jesus? Join us at CloudFire Ministries for sermons, Bible Study Podcasts, or to make an appointment for Pastoral Counseling.  Because being a better follower is a joyful lifelong journey.

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"The culture is embracing a new world vision, but we haven't. 
So we're charged with refusal
to bend, and now, shocked and numbed by our recent arrest,
we're prepping for the trial.
Are we ready?"

- Joe Dallas, Christians In A Cancel Culture

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