Ultimate Guide to Pampering Yourself

Pamper Yourself this Christmas! Best Gifts for Holiday Bliss

Don’t rely on Santa to bring you the gift of self-care! Now is the time to take care of YOU! We’ve curated the ultimate list of gifts to help you shine through the holidays. Comfort, joy and beauty are only a few clicks away!

Had a stressful day?

Personalized Wine Glasses

Who is stressed out today? I can personalize your wine glasses with a funny quote to cheer you up or simply your name so you know it is waiting for you. Buy now for 20% Off

Need a relaxing bath?

Handmade Soaps by a Chemist

Pamper yourself with products made by a real chemist with ingredients you can understand. Relax now in a bath with this heavenly soap.  Use "HOLIDAY"  at checkout for 15% off

Do you miss the beach?

Waking Up with Beach Wall Art

I instantly feel at peace with the sight of the beach. It has been a stressful year. So why not relax & unwind while enjoying this beautiful art from the comfort of your home! 

Perfect 4 Any Occasion

Organic Yet Stylish Earrings

Introducing our beautiful line of Ellie earrings handmade from baltic birch. There are four designs to choose from. FREE shipping anywhere in the US.

Stop. Relax. Breathe!

Fragrant Artisan Soy Candles

Fill your home and your heart with the most wonderful scents of the season! Artique Gallery Artisan Soy Candles 20% Off - Code Pamper2020.

Need a Change?

Interchangeable Earrings

Why wait till Christmas to look fabulous? You can wear these earrings every day. Change the current color in minutes to match any outfit. 

For those specials days

Custom Anniversary Jewelry

From a first date to a wedding anniversary, to a recovery date this set will help you remember the day you never want to forget. Plenty of designs to choose 

Feeling Stressed?

Lavender Relaxation Kit

Linen spray for your pillow, a mini sachet for your car or desk, goat's milk hand lotion. Because everyone deserves a bit of lavender in their life.

Bee Happy’s best seller

Lemon Mint Body Butter

 Your skin will benefit from the healing properties of the ingredients used and your senses will thank you as you inhale the faint invigorating aromas of lemon and mint.

Soothing, Calm & Peace

Beautiful Chakra Necklace

Do you need your Chakras balanced? Chakras are the energy centers of our body. 7 chakras that begin at the base of your spine and to the crown of your head

Bad Hair Day?

Glamorous & Beautiful Headband

All you need for a bad hair day is this headband that still gives you a glamorous look. Also great as a good hair day or neck gaiter. it can double up as a face covering if you have to wear a mask. 


Beautiful Rose Quartz Dangle

This is one of our best sellers. You can easily pair this set with a dress for an evening out or with your favorite pair of worn in jeans for comfortable style and to showcase a relaxed but beautiful you!


But, why wait till Christmas to spoil yourself?

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