Christian Speaker and Christian Comedy Magician Dewayne Hill Four (4) time Nominee Best Christian Act In America!

Motivation, Magic and Leadership. Dewayne Hill presents a high energy thrill ride to Church audiences delivering a motivational message with key points of leadership while adding a spice of fun and laughter to the attendees. 

Quick Video Preview!

"Dewayne totally swung the energy of conference! We never had more than 100 people stay after our awards dinner, and when he took the stage, 99% Of 600 were glued to their seats laughing and enjoying!"

United Methodist Church

Complimentary Workshops Added To Your Booking As A Thank You!

Your Church has an option to have a complimentary workshop added, either the day of presentation OR the day before presentation OR the day after presentation at no extra cost.


Workshop 1 - No Fear Public Speaking & Presentations - 60 to 70 minute workshop that will walk key leadership OR anyone company/organizational wide on how to have more confidence in delivering key information about the organization and how to do engaging presentations to any audience. Accommodates up to 40 people (Normally $90 per person) - But if you book the main presentation- this is added as a thank you for no extra cost.


Workshop 2 - Remembering Anyone's Name. The myth is true, Speaker Dewayne Hill walks into a room and after a few minutes of passing and meeting most of the people, he will remember everyone's name. You say "Thats Hot Bull Bologna- No WAY and NOT Possible"- EXACTLY -  Watch The REAL Video Demo in Action! 

This workshop is great for sales and customer service training. Other techniques are shown and learned on how to remember key data from key contacts and prospects. (Normally $150 per person, but this could be added as a thank you)


Workshop 3 - Letting Your Light Shine in the World. This is a workshop for the youth and young adult about being a Christian in the world and how to fit in but not feel like they will compromise their faith.

Another Video Clip From Cowboy Fellowship Church.

Added Value PLUS - Complimentary Session of Strolling Magic can be used during any event.

Standard Package Includes:


  • Key Note presentation (40 to 50 minutes)
  • Complimentary - Strolling performance
  • Complimentary Choice of Workshop
  • Dewayne will supply and print promotional materials to marketing and event planners.
  • Dewayne will shoot and supply custom promo videos to hype and promote his appearance on your campus
  • Dewayne's company comp's travel expenses and passes those saving to you as a campus. Dewayne will shoulder flight, rent-a-car (if needed).


"For the dollar and package we got, no other speaker/entertainer offered us soo much value and helped us save soo much time. AND the added things Dewayne did to help up promote the event for a strong turn out was mind blowing!"

Oregon Christian Conference



Partial List Of Clients

"Mr. Hill was on-time, he was easy to work with, he had all of his paperwork ready to go.  And the promo he gave us before he got to the event saved us time and had employees talking about his show before he presented."

Corner Stone Church

Benefits To Booking:

Time Saver #1 - Fast Paperwork

Dewayne and his booking manager has all the forms and paperwork completed for your bookkeeper and accounting.


Dewayne has performed all over the nation for dozens of Church events and he knows how to treat your attendees and events as serious as you do.

Money Saver #1

Dewayne has a corporate sponsor that off-sets the flight and rental car.

Money Saver #2

Dewayne gives you complimentary workshop choice.

Time Saver #2

Dewayne supplies you with promo materials. You dont have to design and wait on rough drafts. 

Money Saver #3

Dewayne will perform complimentary strolling session of magic

Value Add

Dewayne shoot custom videos just for your event.

Time Saver #3

You have direct access to talk and schedule with Dewayne and his tour calendar, no middle men Or booking agencies. 

Money Saver #4

Dewayne has flexible pricing for all events regardless of the location.