An 8-Week Classroom  Exercise Series - Brain Breaks for Elementary Students


  • Help the brain focus and increase attention for school tasks
  • Stimulate various parts of the brain to prepare it for learning
  • Target specific muscle groups and movements needed for school tasks

*Spend only 2 MINUTES to complete each exercise series.

*YOU will have lifetime access to the exercises!  Use them every year with a new group of children!

*Use 2-3 times throughout the year... at the start of school, after the new year, and/or in the spring!

Help ALL of your students build skills needed for classroom success...

Kids bodies are changing... they're missing important skills that are building blocks for learning!  

Specific goals of the 8-week program:

  • Stimulate various parts of the brain to prepare it for learning
  • Increase focus & attention - through movement, balance, and muscle activation
  • Encourage crossing midline to enhance communication of both sides of the brain
  • Activate various areas of the brain for learning
  • Improve core strength and postural stability for sitting upright & attending
  • Develop stability in the upper back and shoulders to help the hands complete fine motor tasks during learning
  • Stimulate the visual system for daily learning activities
  • Increase awareness in the body and hands for more success completing school tasks
  • Improve movements needed for school tasks (in the arms & hands)
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Classroom Exercises - 8 Week Brain Break Series for Elementary Students

This 8 week series helps kids improve attention & focus using movement, balance & muscle input. Developed by an OT - it targets crossing midline, core stability, postural support for fine motor development, hand awareness, finger movements, & more...

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