Clear the Year Virtual Retreat

join us on January 9th and 10th to clear the energies of 2020 and set intentions for 2021

2020 has really been something, hasn't it?

As it draws to a close in these colder months, if you are feeling more tired than usual, less motivated, or are having a hard time concentrating - you are certainly not alone!

Those of us who are highly sensitive hold space for change by helping to transform the energy around us,'s not uncommon to absorb some of it in the process. We could all benefit from an energy boost right now.

Ready to feel lighter, clearer, hopeful and inspired?

Groups are POWERFUL for accessing deeper levels of healing

  • Would you like support and a safe space to release old energy?
  • Are you interested in learning some self-care practices to carry into 2021?
  • Is it appealing to set healing intentions and a vision for the coming year?
  • Would you like to receive a powerful and deep nervous system reset?

IF SO, CLEAR THE YEAR is the perfect virtual retreat for you ✨

experience healing and release through a guided shamanic meditation to clear before the new moon

find release and restoration through yin yoga and sound healing

learn EFT techniques to release and reprogram old beliefs that are no longer serving you 

We have a team of healers lined up to support you in releasing layers of unnecessary protection and heaviness.

Ger ready to:

  • be guided in a shamanic healing journey to reconnect to your power, retrieve lost energy, and be deeply resourced
  • melt tension from your fascia with a guided yin yoga practice, followed by a deep rest while soaking in a sound bath
  • restore your alignment so you can manifest with clarity in 2021 through transforming stored emotions & negative patterns through a guided group ritual utilizing the element of fire
  • find peaceful moments to clear the past year, so we can pause, reflect, and redirect our energy to create the changes we want to make in our lives


January 9th and 10th 12-4pm EST

  • join us for the whole weekend  $144
  • yin and sound bath $36 
    • 1/9/21- 2:30-4:00pm EST
  • guided shamanic healing and sound bath $36
    •  1/10/21 1:30-3:00pm EST

Registration is now closed!

Register for the full weekend (closed)
Register for yin yoga & sound healing Jan 9th 2:30-4:00pm EST (closed)
Register for the shamanic journey and sound bath; Jan 10th 1:30 - 3:00pm EST (closed)


Dr. Marie Rodriguez

Liz Piren

Michele Santo

Leave feeling clear, spacious, aligned, inspired and connected! We can't wait to support you!