ClickUp doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming.

Feel confident in ClickUp & take quick action in your workspace using simple & easy methods.

Grab ClickUp Simplified - a two-part mini-course jam-packed with knowledge on how to ease your way into the project management tool & begin developing a ClickUp workspace that supports your business.

In PART ONE of the series, we will dive into...

✅ What ClickUp is

✅ Why you should use ClickUp over competitors

✅ How ClickUp can improve your business's daily operations

✅ What goes into setting up an efficient workspace

(10-minute training)

In PART TWO of the series, we will dive into...

✅ ClickUp lingo

✅ A thorough walkthrough of ClickUp

  • Hierarchy
  • Task Cards
  • Views
  • Workflows
  • Customization
  • Processes
  • Collaboration

✅ How to navigate & apply basic features of ClickUp

(27-minute training)

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