Close To The Skin

Welcome! This is an invitation.

 An invitation to journey deep into your wild self. 

Do you hear the call? 

These classes are experience based classes for all skill levels who want to tune in to the wild wisdom within themselves. They are about learning how to be in our bodies, about feeling the practices our ancestors held close, bringing depth to our awareness, healing through intentional ceremony, song, and transformation, and they are about the healing that comes with intertwining our hands with earthen materials. 

~Buckskin Tanning~

Dates: September 15th- 17th, 9am-5pm 

Cost: $400- $550 Sliding Scale

All of our ancestors tanned hides. Hides were not only our clothing, but our shelter. They can be made into paper, containers, drums, clothes, roofs, you name it! They are an abundant resource on our earth and when touched they have the capability to transform us as we transform them. 


This is a three-day workshop transforming deerskin into buckskin. Buckskin is a soft, supple, buttery leather that is the most pliable, durable, and sustainable fabric that exists. You will learn the wet scrap method, brain softening, and punk wood smoke tanning. You will also learn how to make raw hide which can be used to make drums, and containers. This is a physically intense skill that requires endurance. Woven into this class will be community conversation, ritual, interpersonal connection, and transformation. Two participants will work on one hide together and will leave with half of a hide!

~Sheepskin Tanning~

Dates: August 18th- 20th, 9-5pm

Cost: $650

This is a three day workshop transforming a sheepskin into a soft, beautiful rug. You will learn how to clean a sheepskin, rack a hair- on hide, dry scrape, soften a hair on hide, and smoke tan hides. These skills can be easily transferred to any hair on hide if it be a road kill muskrat, to a domestic rabbit, to a cow hide. This is a physically intensive process that requires endurance of body, and spirit. You will leave with your own sheepskin!

All classes will be held at Bread and Butter Farm in Shelburne Vermont! 

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All payments will be accepted through venmo @coleen- butler. Or paid with cash or check made out to Coleen Butler and sent to: 

Coleen Butler @ Bread and Butter Farm 200 Leduc Farm Road Shelburne VT 05482

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