Be confident in choosing the best cloth diapers for your family when you learn...

  • About each type of cloth diaper available - prefolds, pockets, AIOs, AI2s, fitteds and more
  • The different types of cloth diaper materials
  • The pros and cons of each to make choosing your diapers simple and easy
  • ​How many diapers you need
  • ​What to do with the poo?!?
  • ​Which accessories you need and which ones you don't

More Info That Might Help

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Why Are My Cloth Diapers Leaking

3 reasons plus easy solutions

Fix leaks fast during the day or night with these easy look for tips.

Washing and Care of Cloth Diapers

How to wash your cloth diapers

Easy and simple wash routine suggestions for clean diapers every time.

About Cloth Diaper Kids

Cloth Diaper Kids is a family owned online cloth diaper boutique based in beautiful Calgary, AB, Canada.  We've been teaching and serving cloth-curious families for over 10 years and we carry a wide variety of cloth diapers to suit your needs.  We ship orders all over Canada and the USA.  We look forward to having you join our tribe of happy customers.