How running a challenge benefits your profitability:

In case challenges put a bad taste in your mouth, I want you to know they can be an easy way to effectively get people to sign up for what you actually get paid to do. And if you hate, hate, hate spending a lot of time on free calls listen up! There is a way out. Here's just a few of the benefits you get by running a challenge if you keep some simple guidelines in place...

Let them date you

A challenge gives people a chance to get to know you before they commit to you, your product or service.

No financial investment

Even if you don't have a fiscal budget, challenges can be done with just your time. 

Time-bound marketing

By offering this at a specific date and time, you create urgency and focus.

Give your tribe the feeling of success

People who feel successful at something, often continue seeking that service or product.

Test your ideas with free challenges

Having a hard time deciding what your paid program should be? Test it with a free challenge.

Evergreen your challenges

Or run them periodically over and over for a funnel builder in your marketing.

Create & schedule your challenge in just 5 days!

in 90 minutes a day or less!


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Some of the topics we'll make simpler:

  • How to decide on a topic
  • The bigger purpose of this challenge
  • How challenges turn into $s
  • Offering the right amount of content
  • How long of a challenge to offer
  • Choosing a challenge platform - email, Facebook group, teaching platform
  • Setting your tribe up for challenge success
  • Setting up the content and the marketing
  • Tips on content and content formats
  • Post-challenge content
  • To evergreen or not?

Day 1: Build the Challenge Foundation

We'll answer all the right questions so that we keep our short-term and long-term goals in mind. We'll figure out the format and the content our ideal client wants and needs now.

Day 2: Creating the Plan and Future Template

We'll put all the information together and come up with a format, topic and plan that will work. We'll work out all the content that will be needed (and what is unnecessary to save you time.)

Day 3: Writing the Challenge Content to Engage

There's a very delicate balance to offering value versus overloading. We'll talk about how to find that balance using a formula and then how anyone (no copywriting skills required) can effectively present content.

Day 4: Marketing Strategy for Challenges

We'll talk about the most effective, simple marketing tips when it comes to email, social media and networking. We'll create the marketing task list and content needed. 

Day 5: Set up all your marketing and content

I'm a set it and forget it kind of girl. Mostly because if I have to remember a million little things a day to post, I would go wacko. Here we'll set up everything to run on it's own.


During this week, I will be available and I will be offering a full downloadable worksheet that will help guide you each day. All free!


Step-by-step Workbook

We'll have a workbook that will help guide your work and outlines each day. All of your homework organized for you. 

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About Me:

I'm all in for service-based people trying to build their business so they can serve the most people -- or in short, I help people find lots of people to help.

I worked in marketing in non-profit and corporate companies. I left my job to work for myself as a coach. Even though I enjoyed coaching, many of my coach and healer friends we asking for my marketing expertise. I found that I enjoyed the strategy and planning of the marketing and decided to hang up the coaching hat and become a full-time marketing consultant. 

Now I'm building an agency on the simple focus of making marketing simpler.

What my clients say about me:

"Christina was the best in helping me handle my momentary self doubt and 'tech-freaking-out' moment. She jumped right on a call with me within an hour and showed me what I needed, step by step, with utter patience and detail. She is a true Marketing Guru!"

-Angele Cristina


 "Can I share my love with Christina Smith with all you guys? With her work she goes beyond a 'simple' online session. She has been there for me when any of my crazy questions regarding online marketing came up. She saved me ageing at least ten years solving struggles with my website. And has done some extra additions to my website beyond the work I booked her for so it's up to date and oh so beautiful. You are an absolute gem Christina and your speedy gonzales let's get it all done approach is greatly appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll be definitely booking in for further sessions and really really excited to have you on my team."

-Antje Firla 


"Christina has been a real life saver for me! The marketing side of setting up my business was seriously stressing me out... Christina helped me get organized and focused in no-time. She has given my business structure and direction, she's the perfect addition to my creative team. She helps me put all my ideas into practice by showing me practical steps to realizing my goals and dreams for my business. I have been able to focus on my work and she has been handling everything when it comes to marketing and social media strategies. I trust her judgement completely and she's been a wonderful resource when growing my business. Christina is a joy to work with, she listens and understands all my marketing needs and comes up with targeted and specific solutions for my individual needs and wants. I can highly recommend her services to anyone looking for help with all things marketing and social media!"

-Emma Lundwall, Emma Lundwall