Top 5 Tips for Small Business Owners

Overcome the Overwhelm

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Helen Calvert is a MOE Foundation Certified Coach and is trained to provide performance coaching. On a personal level, she has worked in administrative roles for nearly 20 years and has also faced many personal challenges, including managing the health of her youngest son who was born with a congenital heart defect. Helen has personal experience of anxiety and depression, and has faced relationship challenges as well as the challenges that come with starting and running a small business.

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Overcome the Overwhelm: How to be more organised, more confident and more successful

Discover how to tackle the mammoth to do list, how to beat imposter syndrome, why saying no is so hard, and what success looks like to you.

90 minutes of hints, tips and tricks for combating the overwhelm, split into 5 videos that you can watch in your own time. Click here for more details.

Feedback on Clear Day coaching

“I never understood how much I needed headspace, until Helen enabled me to have it. Our sessions have had an enormous impact on my confidence levels and, in turn, my approach to work and life. This has resulted in a more professional, effective and ultimately, a happier me.
Having the time and space to think through my approaches to life challenges and complex work problems has cleared my mind of the tangle of worries I had created for myself. Our sessions left my mind free to set clear, manageable goals for myself. Helen’s calm but instinctive ability to ask the right question at the right time, meant I could pin down my challenges and worries, making them possible to overcome.”
Rachel Green, Education Manager

“Having some non-judgemental space where I could say some of the things that were in my head – to test them out almost – was so very helpful. Clear Day coaching helped me to order my thoughts and figure out what exactly I was trying to do. It was great to have someone to trigger reminding myself of what I was actually achieving and what my goals are.”
Clare Watson, IBCLC

“I found Helen’s coaching really useful. We often reflected on the things I already knew, which is empowering, and then talked about how to put them into practise for myself. Having a personal cheerleader is really useful for a sole trader. I enjoyed the investment Helen made in my progress, it felt like I really mattered (because I do), and I wasn’t just a job for her.”
Sheryl Wynne, small business owner

Give yourself the gift of a Clear Day.