Coaching Circles

Are you seeking accountability, support and a tribe of spiritual warriors just like you? Leave your info below and I'll make sure to save you a seat in our Coaching Circles.

Friday's at 7 pm EST

Coach Ashley

Ashley is the founder & CEO of Elemental Growth. She is a published Author, certified Master Coach, Reiki Teacher and advocate for entheogens. After her spiritual awakening in 2014, Ashley went back to the roots of her childhood trauma and taught herself how to re-pattern addictive behaviors naturally. She feels its her obligation to share her secrets so that others who struggle with addiction / integration can become the hero of their own story too. It has a ripple effect that we love to watch unfold. Ashley loves motherhood, hiking barefoot and working with The Amazon Rainforest Conservancy.


This is an offering from Ashley to her community. she will share her wisdom, resources, and answer questions. We are creating a safe space to come together for support. 

There is no cost to join these calls, however we do accept love donations from those of you who believe in an energy exchange.

Ashley is not able to give individual advice on these group calls. If you have a personal question, please email Ashley directly to set you up a private, formal consultation.


Your information is confidential and will never be given to anyone nor used on any other list.